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When I was 21 I married a dying man.
Now, I only hold him in pictures,
and I don’t cry
because you can’t mourn someone who never wanted to be
what you imagined them.
It’s been almost a year since the funeral
and I boxed up the memories he left,
pressed them into scrapbooks,
set them on the shelf as something to treasure
but never look at.
It’s not a wound now,
not even a scar,
just an empty attic in my chest growing cobwebs
but I never have the energy to dust anymore.
Since that day I haven’t said his name,
but in quiet corners of our own home
I can call the right one, devoid of pretenses.
Other people still think he’s alive!
When the body you love doesn’t host a headstone
it’s easy to see why—
just a walking memory, play acting the part
the skin of your lover a freckled roadmap leading you
far away from what you thought was your home
but it’s achingly familiar—
I love her.
This poem was meant to be a eulogy
but the pers
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On loving two women at the same time:
First of all, get them to know each other.
They both hold a part of your heart or
the whole thing, equally, each with a hand.
You have two hands for holding,
two eyes for seeing for seeing their beauty
as you bend both of your knees at the altar of their lips.
They don’t even need to like each other but it would be great if they did.
Especially because there are a lot of board games
you need three or more people to play
and it’s easier to remember where you lost your keys
when there’s more people who might have seen you put them away.
Second: do not feel the need to justify yourself.
Do not feel the need to explain yourself.
You are not the slut you were named.
What is a slut, anyway?
Just another person because
I posit that everyone’s got to live their life
in some kind of way
and they don’t all need to be the same.
So, instructionally, I have to say:
Have lots of sex with everyone you love—
have more than one b
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My name is five letters long but even so
it is exactly half vowels
(you know, and sometimes Y).
in addition there’s the symmetry of five
letters in each of my names,
and you might suggest my satisfaction with these commonalities
means I have OCD,
but really,
that illness is less common than you think it to be
but you’re convinced there’s something wrong with me.
That twitch in my hand,
the fidget in my feet,
it must be anxiety.
You have an herbal remedy,
a series of breathing exercises,
anything to make me breathe,
you’re remembering to breathe, right?
You ask:
Why don’t you look me in the eyes?
Did it really take you three years to realize
your lover’s were green brown gold?
How didn’t she leave you if you were too broken to look at her
doesn’t she need someone to hold?
You don’t let anyone touch.
Over-sensitized, and you feel too much.
Hold her face in your hands and look on repeat.
Repeat yourself I didn’t
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Mature content
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Holy Ground
I used to think God was in dust motes.
To me there was nothing more spiritual
than a stripe of sunlight through the window
illuminating the invisible.
Churches were holy places
inspiring my wonder to believe
but it got a little more complicated
when I had to eat the body and drink of his son:
I thought Jesus just turned water into wine,
not the blood of my covenant,
always thicker than the water of my womb.
Aren’t the most important things what you get to choose?
I’ve always been one to look for answers.
I couldn’t settle for predestination—
it must all be answered through meditation!
Travel all the way around the world
just to settle my skepticism.
But karma is only a great concept for the pious,
A little less so for those of us who tripped on a root,
fell down the rabbit hole
and ended up in Wonderland.
It’s hard to make decisions
when there’s smoke clouding your vision
And I’m not sure judgment on the turn of the wheel
is really any differen
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Love Stories
Lucy, I’m home!
Ricky Ricardo enters stage left,
takes off his coat, and embraces his wife.
She looks over his shoulder,
hair curled and eye sparkling.
He’s the love of her life.
Let me tell you a story:
My grandfather was a slicked-back Marine
and my grandmother a golden-haired queen.
When my father was born
his father became a carpenter
so they could build memories with
big Italian gestures and wooden spoons,
Pall Malls between brown fingers,
and red lipstick pressed to cheeks.
It’s been 65 years and they’re still living that dream,
making new memories to replace the ones he’s lost.
He’s still the love of her life.
In another story:
My mother’s mother’s headstone reads Joan V Love.
I’m not sure if the V should stand for
one of her 43 ex-lover’s names or
vengeance for all the wrongs they made.
Rough slaps across the cheek in the middle of the night,
running only to cling to the first man she could find.
I don’t
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Test Drive
Become a perfect driver in 10 hours or less!
That is to say, conform to the expectations
set before you at the age of 16,
now one-third of your lifetime ago.
All this for the low, low price of $500
or another refill of Lexapro.
Upon meeting the driving instructor:
Excuse the heart from inside your throat,
the cracks from between your knuckles,
and don’t mention that last night
you had a nightmare
of running a red light right into your own body,
and peeling back your skin to do unscheduled maintenance.
The car rumbles to life under your fingers:
4 cylinders of—after 3 weeks of—
you can name all the parts of the engine—the brain—
understand how they intertwine—
the neural pathways—
but as soon as you put your foot on the—
open your mouth and—
the wrong things always spill out
like leaking antifreeze
poisonous to those who consume it.
Keep an emergency toolkit in your trunk;
get your oil changed every 3000
negative thoughts,
hand over
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